Are you feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Having trouble sleeping, stressed out, have anxiety, depression, overweight, emotional, just uncomfortable in your own skin. Are you on medications that are causing more side effect than benefits?  Have you noticed more and are people ditching their meds and searching out a natural approach to getting healthy. Even for common chronic ailments such as headaches, backaches, migraines, and digestive issues people are finding natural alternatives to grabbing a pill bottle.


How many of us learned about proper nutrition and how to truly care for ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?  I know I have had to learn it along the way usually when something bad happened. In my 30s and 40s I went to so many Drs and at one point was on 9 different pharmaceutical medications. All they did was make me sicker and left my system a mess.




Can you count how many people you know that take multiple medications each day?


The latest research shows that synthetic medications created in a lab and essential oils work in completely opposite ways. 


Medications are toxic and essential oils detoxify.  Medications clog and confuse our body at the cellular level and essential oils cleanse our bodies.

Medications depress our immune system and essential oils attach harmful bacteria which allows our bodies healthy flora to grow and flourish.


Essential Oils restore the body to a healthy balance because they are natural.  When the body conditions change, essential oils adapt, that means raising and lowering blood pressure, stimulating and repressing enzyme activity and energizing and relaxing the body naturally.


Essential Oils are a natural way to approach all treatments and it is essential that we educate ourselves as much as possible about which essential oils are best, where to get them and how and why to use them.


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If the ‘jury is still out’ regarding the use of essential oils, I can understand your doubts. It was a few years ago when I came down with an upper repertory infection I was first introduced to essential oils, I did not want to use traditional antibiotics because of the chaos they cause on my body so I searched for a natural alternative. I loved them right away, not only did they smell amazing, there was no chemical smell, and when I applied the oil I immediately felt them working. I signed up as a wholesale customer because I love getting discounts and 24% was a nice discount for something I loved anyway. I was happy using my oils for this and that for a few years until I met a friend who shared her knowledge and her oils with me.  I was hooked and wanted to learn more and more so that I could treat myself and my loved ones with the amazing benefits of these oils.   It is then I decided to start learning how to use and share the oils on a full-time basis and it blends so well with my health coaching and wellness programs.  I have learned to create a perfect blend to relax when stressed.  I am forever using the essential oils to help them with headaches, nausea, stuffed up nose, and anxiety issues. My husband who poo-pooed them at first found that one of my blends was the only thing that relieved his shingles pain.  He now comes home from work and comments on how wonderful the house smells from my diffuser. I use the oils on a daily basis, for every ailment known and unknown for personal health and household remedies.


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