It's been called "Revolutionary". 

Some say it's, "life changing"



Our GenoType testing Program is the only dietary program on the market that captures your genetic information, biometric markers, and health history, then performs over twelve million calculations to determine a nutritional program that is completely unique to you. After entering your intake facts, the program will create an individualized, printable 50-page Diet Report, including your customized food lists.



Because food is the most important factor in health, Our GenoType Report can aid in treating many health conditions:


  •  Weight Loss - Get off the dieting roller coaster by identifying the foods that are right for you

  •  Digestive Concerns - Selects foods which are best for your physiology 

  •  Hormonal balance - Recommends foods that aid in hormonal balance

  •  Inflammatory Conditions - identifies key foods that work with your body

  •  Immune Conditions - Food is the most important influence on your digestive tract.


What's Your GenoType?

 GenoType 1 The Hunter 

Tall, thin, and intense, with an overabundance of adrenaline and a fierce, nervous energy that winds down with age, the Hunter was originally the success story of the human species. Vulnerable to systemic burnout when overstressed
the Hunter's modern challenge is to conserve energy for the long haul. 

GenoType 2 The Gatherer 

Full-figured, even when not overweight, the Gatherer struggles with body image in a culture where thin is "in." An unsuccessful crash dieter with a host of metabolic challenges, the Gatherer becomes a glowing example of health when properly nourished. 

GenoType 3 The Teacher 

Strong, sinewy, and stable, with great chemical synchronicity and stamina, the Teacher is built for longevity - given the right diet and lifestyle. This is the genotype of balance, blessed with a tremendous capacity for growth and fulfillment. 

GenoType 4 The Explorer 

Muscular and adventurous, the Explorer is a biological problem solver, with an impressive ability to adapt to environmental changes, and a better than average capacity for gene repair. The Explorer's vulnerability to hormonal imbalances and chemical sensitivities can be overcome with a balanced diet and lifestyle. 

GenoType 5 The Warrior 

Long, lean, and healthy in youth, the Warrior is subject to a bodily rebellion in midlife
.With the optimal diet and lifestyle, the Warrior can overcome the quick-aging metabolic genes and experience a second, "silver," age of health. 

GenoType 6 The Nomad 

A GenoType of extremes, with great sensitivity to environmental conditions
especially changes in altitude and barometric pressure, the Nomad is vulnerable to neuromuscular and immune problems. Yet a well-conditioned Nomad has the enviable gift of controlling caloric intake and aging gracefully.






Get details about your Genotype


Physical Profile - Stress Profile - Metabolic Profile - Aging Profile - Immune Profile - Functional Aesthetic - Diet and Digestion


What foods are best and which foods to avoid?


Red Meats - Poultry - Eggs - Fish and Seafood - Dairy Products - Vegetable Proteins - Fats and Oils - Carbohydrates

Live Foods - Fruits - Spices - Beverages - Condiments



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