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Becoming Healthy and Whole

I have struggled with my body image of most my life. I have to be honest this is still something that weighs me down. It doesn't matter if I am a size 20 or a size 8 I still struggle with feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Our 9 week Wellness Revelation study started this week and I am feeling challenged.

You see, I have lived through a lot of abuse in my life. I don't say this for anyone to feel sorry for me because I am way past that and do not at all feel sorry for myself. I know that this is what it is and I have moved passed asking WHY. BUT I am dealing with faulty mindsets that this abuse has caused. Bad things get stuck in good bodies. My original design was good but abuse caused me issues with trust. I grew up not trusting people and even God. I went through years of feeling sorry for myself and thinking that God must not love me like his word says he does. There must be something wrong with me or He is punishing me. I carried these belief for decades of my life. I still battle with the lie that God wants me fat. I know know that these are lies and that God does love me to my core and He wants me healthy not fat! My life and my past are no surprise to God. He was there with me the whole time and I am incredibly LOVED!

We human beings have all suffered trauma of some sort or another. We have been bullies, abused, lied to, rejected...... This has caused us to all become broken and wounded. We have believed the lies we heard from others and have told ourselves. When we experience trauma it changes us on a deep level mentally and physically. Many of us look for comfort in all the wrong places, validation from others, success, relationships, addictions and yes, FOOD. we look for comfort from food and this sets us up for a very unhealthy relationship with food. We have to eat and our lives are all centered around food celebrations. How can we learn to love ourselves enough to enjoy food for fuel and occasional celebrations but not abuse it and use it for comfort or boredom? It is a very difficult path to follow.

In our Wellness Revelation class this week we went over our original design. We were created for a purpose and we are all created with unique qualities. Our bodies are God's GOOD Design. Sadly our world had warped our views on what our bodies are designed to look like and we chase a dream that may not be meant for us. We compare ourselves with our friends, family, those we see on TV, in movies and on social media. This is not healthy and has caused so many to hate their bodies so we abuse them. We either indulge them with giving them whatever they want even if it is not healthy. We feel out of control and cant stop feeding our desires, or we restrict and punish them with diets and exercise to force them to become what we want them to become even if this was not their original design.

I would love to have an long lean athletic body, I was not born with those genes. I am German, polish, Irish and English, my family gene type is more curvy. This is my original design and I can either embrace it and nurture it or despise it.

Desperation and disgust are powerful motivators for change, BUT they do not lead to lasting results and increasing joy!

Think about some of the things you believe about yourself. Things that are not true but you have believed them as truth. Now ask yourself, Who told you that?

Who told you that you were not pretty, too fat, too emotional, too sloppy, not strong enough or smart enough? Who told you that you are not worthy of love and kindness?

Do you look at your body and life and feel shame? Shame about your body size? or shame about something that you did or that was done to you? I felt shame for most of my life. Shame over what had been done to me as a child, shame for getting into a bad abusive marriage as a young adult, shame for becoming a drug addict, shame for becoming a food addict, shame for being fat, for being lazy, for being unlovable....... the list went on. Do I still feel shame? Yes, honestly I do but I now know that I can stop those abusive thoughts and remember that I am beautifully and wonderfully made and I choose to treat myself and my mind with kindness. I choose to believe kind and loving things about myself. I am loving, I am honest, I love to listen to others who are hurting and help them sort through their traumas. I am compassionate, supportive, encouraging, understanding and loving! These are the truths about me!

I will be sharing more of our Wellness Revelation journey in the coming weeks as we move into becoming healthy and whole.

If you suffer from shame and find yourself punishing or mistreating yourself. Reach out for help. This wellness revelation class is full but I will be offering it again in March. If you ire interested in more information schedule a call and we can talk or comment below. I know from experience how real this struggle is and I am here for you.

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In Health and Gratitude,

Becoming New Again Wellness

Helping those who have lost hope to live comfortably and confidently in their own skin.

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