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Rest and Surrender

Rest and Surrender, these were my words from the Lord for 2019. It took me almost until Oct to fully embrace and understand what they meant for my life. I am a chronic doer, I didn't know rest. Sadly it has taken about the same amount of time this crazy year to unlearn what it took so long to learn last year. I have become a slave to businesses again and am paying the price. Fortunately, I see what's happening and am able to prayerfully make adjustments, to purposefully lay businesses and activity down at the alter. To shake off the shackles of bondage that tell me I need to say "yes" to way too many things. Even good things can enslave you. Its time for a Sabbath rest. I am in prayer as to how this will look, what to continue, and what to release. I am sure so many people, this year especially, have gotten trapped on the merry-go-round of productivity, i think because of uncertainty. Are you ready to get off this crazy ride? I am.

In Gratitude and Health,