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Vetiver a deep, woodsy oil known for its ability to calm and still our mind and focus our brain waves.

Vetiver essential oil’s aroma is earthy, eclectic, and exotic. It originates from a perennial grass native to the tropical regions in Asia. Because Vetiver is produced from the steam distillation of the plant’s root, the oil has a woodsy scent. It was used in ancient times, and the oil’s popularity still exists as an ingredient in colognes and fragrances—especially for men—as well as in soaps and moisturizers.

The minute I smelled Vetiver I was in love, maybe because I needed the peace and calming that it produces. I was in Florida for my Health Coaching Certification and a friend shared it with me. At the time I had just left the corporate job that I had been at for almost 10 years. My life was very stressful and I really needed some peace. I love rolling Vetiver on the back of my neck and on my wrists right before bed. It helps my mind shut down racing thoughts so I can drift off to sleep.

Ways to use:

  • Diffuse at bedtime to promote sleep. Pairs well with Lavender, Frankincense, cedarwood, Northern Lights Black Spruce

  • Diffuse with Peppermint and Cedarwood to support focus

  • Apply over the heart, wrists, to the back of the neck, the bottom of the feet as needed.

  • Make a topical rub with Vetiver, Frankincense, PanAway, Peppermint, Copaiba, and/or other oils supportive of the joints/muscles. You can even add a dropperful of Nature’s Ultra CBD!

  • Make a FOCUS roller with Vetiver, Cedarwood, Peppermint, GeneYus and/or Clarity - about 10 drops each oil and top with a carrier.

  • Remember to use Vetiver DAILY while taking deep breaths and repeating positive or calming affirmations - “I am safe, I will focus on what I can control.”

  • NOTE: Vetiver is thick so either remove the plastic insert and use a dropper to apply OR hold the bottle in your hand to slightly warm the oil before use.

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In Gratitude and Health,